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What is Travelcompetition?

Travelcompetition.com is an interactive travel competition which gamifies the travel fun that is experienced before (I’m going on a holiday!), during (wow, I am finally here!) and after (hey, this has been a great trip!) a journey abroad. This platform allows you to create and update a dynamic visual recording of your travels. By connecting with other users and groups you can share your travel experiences and wishes and start a fun competition based on all the travels you have made in life. Are you up for a new adventure? Make the first move and challenge your friends.

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Countries and/or territories?

Just to simplify things we will use the term ‘countries’ to classify both countries as well as territories.

Why is TravelCompetition using this specific list of countries?

Let’s start by saying it’s our pick. This is the official TravelCompetition list or whatever you like to call it. There are many lists of countries out there, either official or unofficial, and there will always be people/nations disputing these lists on basis of different interests. With this list we have absolutely no intention of making any political, historical, geographical or geological statement whatsoever. In case you want to make a suggestion about the current list, please feel free to contact us here.

Not all countries are visible on the world map. How come?

We are working on this! Right now, some are too small to visualise on our world map, whereas the right coordinates of other destinations still need to be added to our database. In case you can help us out, feel free to contact us!


All countries are subdivided over a total of seven continents. The reason TravelCompetition uses ‘Oceania’ instead of ‘Australia’ is that we want to include the Pacific islands, which officially are not part of any continent. We trust you can live with it!

Can I totally make up a travel list with countries I have never visited in my life?

Hey, what’s the point of cheating?! Group together for the main mission and we bet your friends will tell you when your country list shows places you have never visited! Anyway, it’s your personal travel recording, not ours :)


When does a visit count and when does it not count?

We have set up some basic guidelines that tell you when your visit to a country does count or does not count on TravelCompetition.com. These are:

  • To make your visit count you should physically set foot on land (territorial waters and airspace do not count)
  • To make your visit count you need to go outside the airport
  • Your visit does not count when you remain waiting on the airport or in the plane for a connecting or onward flight without going outside of the airport
  • The required time lapse between a first and a second visit or a second and a third visit to the same country is 120 hours (5 days)
  • To make your visit count there is no minimum time required to stay in a country.

Just remember to enjoy every travel you make. Don’t be a passenger!

How do I earn points?

You can earn two types of points; country points and mission points. These two add up to your total score = travel index. You will only earn these points by travelling and updating your personal profile! Country points are points that you earn by adding new continents and/or countries to your list. Mission points are points that you earn by leveling up on a side mission.

country points
First visit to a country within your own continent: +20
Second visit to a country within your own continent: 5
Third visit to a country within your own continent: 5
Fourth -or more- visit to a country within your own continent: 0

First visit to a country outside your own continent: +30
Second visit to a country outside your own continent: +10
Third visit to a country outside your own continent: +10
Fourth -or more- visit to a country outside your own continent: 0
Visit to a new continent: +50
Bonus for visiting all seven continents: +50

mission points
Completing a level of a side mission: +10 mission points

Note: Every mission has 5 levels.

What type of missions are there and how do they work?

You can play the main mission and you can play the side missions.
The main mission on TravelCompetition is played with and against a group of friends. The main goal of this mission is to dominate (parts of) the world by travelling to more countries than your friends do. At the same time a group score will show the combined result of all group members.
By recording your travels, a user automatically starts playing and earning mission points for the individual side missions (check your profile page). In total there are 10 side missions, with 5 levels each.

Note: You can not add missions yourself yet.

About the main mission: how do clusters work?

You can play with and against a group of friends in the main mission. In order to do so, we have divided the world into 23 clusters, each one representing the countries lying in that particular part of the world. The system calculates which user has gained the most points (visits!) per cluster. The score system (points) used per cluster here is the same as the score system that is used to calculate the total country score. The dominating users will be shown in the group world map.

Do you think it’s a tie? In case of a tie (same positive scores), the rule is that the one who has entered the data first will be given power over a cluster. You just need to score higher (travel!) to gain power.

About the main mission: what clusters are there?

TravelCompetition has selected the following 23 clusters:

Northern America
Central America
South America
Northern Europe
Western Europe
Eastern Europe
Southern Europe
North Africa
West Africa
East Africa
Middle Africa
Southern Africa
Central Asia
Southwest Asia
South Asia
East Asia
Southeast Asia

(corresponding countries)

Challenges & wishlist

How do challenges work?

Use the challenge button to invite your friends for a new travelling adventure. You can either create a challenge yourself by using the building blocks - activity | location | time - or you can choose a fixed challenge created by TravelCompetition. Add the friend(s) you want to challenge and, hey, you might be going on a ski trip together next winter!
You can always edit the challenge by adding or removing friends, removing yourself from the list or adjusting one of the building blocks.

Note: Challenges are just for fun, no points are awarded here!

How does the Wishlist work?

To what countries would you love to travel one day, if not tomorrow?! Pick and edit your choice and show your friends. By doing this, your friends list will automatically show which friends have chosen the same destinations to go next. Wouldn’t that be a good reason to make the first move and start a new challenge?


How can I find the people I know that are already active on TravelCompetition.com?

You can use the search bar, which is centrally located at the top of the page, to look for active users and groups. When you click on a search result (a user in this case) you will be forwarded to a user’s profile page. You can add this friend to your friends list and start following him/her or you directly add this friend to one of your groups.

How can I add people to my friends list?

  • You can use the search bar to go to a user’s profile page. When this user is not your friend yet you can click the button add this user to your friends list.
  • You can also invite people that are not yet registered (hit the invite friends button or click the wheel icon in the upper right corner and select invite friends) to join TravelCompetition.com. Then you select the option to add them to your friends list once they have registered.
  • The people that register on travelCompetition and that are already friends via your Facebook will automatically be added to your friends list (as long as your Facebook is connected to your TravelCompetition profile).
  • When you join a group all group members will be automatically added to your friends list.

Note that the person that you add to your friends list will not be notified about this.

How can I remove people from my friends list?

In case you want to remove a friend from the list you just have to tick the unfriend button.

How can I invite people to join TravelCompetition?

Hit the invite friends button locates on ……. or click the wheel icon located in the upper right corner of your screen and select invite friends.
If your Facebook is connected to your TravelCompetition account you can easily select and invite your Facebook friends to join TravelCompetition.com. You can also enter a person’s email address and we’ll send out a personal invitation to join TravelCompetition.com to this address.


Can I join more than three groups?

You must be popular! At this moment you can join a maximum of three groups. In order to join another group you first need to remove yourself from one of the three pending groups.

How can I find a group, which is already active on TravelCompetition.com?

You can use the search bar, which in centrally located at the top of the page, to look for registered groups and users. When you click on a search result (a group in this case) you will be forwarded to a group page. On this page you can find a ‘join this group’ button (in case you are not already a member of this group).


Who can see my profile?

Every member of TravelCompetition can search for you and check your profile. In turn, you can check out all profiles yourself! Ask yourself; what’s there to hide? Remember TravelCompetition does not use any GPS based technology that reveals you are out of house travelling!

Does someone notice when I check his or her profile page?


Does someone notice it when I directly add this person to my friends list?

No, the other person won’t be able to tell whether you have added him or her to your friends list. This list of friends is shown on your homepage only. This page can only be viewed by you.

We need your help

Could you, user, help us out with some of the following issues?

  • Country coordinates. Still, some countries from our list are not displayed on the map.
  • Bugs. Don’t hesitate to inform us if something is not working properly.
  • Ideas. This platform is not finished yet. Any creative ideas to boost it?

Please contact us here or directly at support@travelcompetition.com. Thank you!